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Ken Shin Kan - karate association e.V.

scool of the brave fighters

Goju Ryu Karate - Yuishinkan




Conditions: 16. December 2005


Coach:   Dipl. Ing.  Alfred Steller

6. DAN

4. DAN Goju Ryu 

3. DAN Inyo Ryu (Kenpo Karate)

Birkenhof 6

40225 Düsseldorf

Tel. + FAX:   0211/ 2293628


Association seat is Duesseldorf
Member in the DKV: 05342
Member in the KDNW: 05342
Member in the Lsb North-Rhine/Westphalia: 100 1445
Member in the Goju Ryu karate do federation Germany

Register of associations: 7674

Executive committee:
Andreas Hussner, 1. Chairman
Alfred Steller, 2. Chairman
Tina dock man, cash-wait



The translation of the word of KARATE meant "empties hand". Thus it becomes clear that the Karateka does not need weapons, in order to defend itself. The "weapon" of the Karatekeas is its body, with all its member masses. Today's KARATE has the Selbstverteidigungsefekt only as secondary characteristic. Are the center of attention the body experience with the body control in the sporty sense as well as the mental ripe one and balance. Even if KARATE a combat haven is, then the Karatekas is in no case "racquets". In the opposite. In KARATE as sport, the protection of the partner in the foreground stands. The combat equipment is stopped before the goal, thus before the body of the partner. Thus the carat haven is also a spreading haven with small injuries. The high speed of an attack and thus the difficulty the attack scarcely before the goal to stop, require a long training. KARATE train that the much fun in the group particularly make with. KARATE is thus a group sport. KARATE is as olympic discipline recognized and with the next olympic plays thereby will be.

We operate traditional GOYU RYU - KARATE and make predominantly spreading haven. Our members are between
9 years and 45 years old, the portion of women amounts to approx. 45 %. it becomes again and again also basic techniques
practiced, in order to be able to implement it with an attack reflex-like. The most important attack of a Karatekas is the fist impact,
that is accordingly often practiced.

With partner training by the coach announced attack and defense techniques are mutually implemented and thus those
first stage to the free fight, the KUMITE, experienced. A goal of this training method is the controlled attack with correct
Distance to the partner. The defender tries to implement additionally still the fixed defense time-fairly and strongly
to platzieren and afterwards a counter attack.

All important over KARATE

KARATE - a sport for bodies and spirit
KARATE unfortunately often equated with board smashing. This prejudice comes of to public demonstrationdemonstration demonstrations, which aim at public effectiveness and KARATE to circus-mature Artistik explain. In reality is KARATE however all different one than a sport for self actors. In training and match foot and fist impacts before the occurrence are stopped. A condition for it is self-discipline, sense of responsibility opposite the partner and naturally a good body control, which are developed in the Kihon (primary school) systematically. On approximately his versatile requirements at bodies and spirit is ideal KARATE as reconciliation to the requirements of the everyday life: The Karateka trains strength, perseverance, speed and mobility. That makes fit! With relaxation techniques, breath exercises and Meditation he increases his concentration ability and trains the own body perception.

KARATE - a modern and effective self-defense
Many Karateka exercise their sport, in order to be able to defend itself in an emergency. And KARATE an effective and practicable Vert.eidigungsart are actual. Strength and physical Statur play a subordinated role in carat self-defense only. Are more important speed, skill and leaving. Only who does not come with an attack into panic, can itself defend meaningfully. Therefore special training courses obtain the psychological components of the self statement and self-defense apart from technical talents also.

These aspects make carat self-defense

in particular for women and girls interesting.

KARATE - a sport for us all
Whether balance sport, general Fitness or self-defense, KARATE opens to all age groups and InteressenIagen a broad sporty Betaetiqungsfeld.
KARATE is not exciting only for old and young. By the versatility health and well-being promote KARATE. Also therefore many young and older humans decided for this sport. In most associations there is beginner course, which makes the entrance easy: Stage around stage skill and efficiency grow. The colored belts of the Budosportarten are thereby an indication of the performance level.

KARATE - match and tradition
In KARATE are differentiated in principle two match disciplines:

With the "Kumite" (free fight) two Karateka on a combat surface face each other and try, ratable impact - to attach impact and Trittechniken. The criteria are held so that injuries of the combat partners are avoided, who not to it adhere, disqualifiziert!

The discipline "Kata" is a succession exactly fixed attack and defense techniques against several imaginary opponents, who approach from different directions. One differentiates between approximately 50 different Katas, whose aesthetics in the agreement of combat spirit, dynamics and Rhythmik are appropriate and with each style direction in principle different are. Some Kata was passed on over centuries from generation to generation and is a witness of the tradition KARATE. In the start time KARATE had the teachers only few pupils, these with the Kata were predominantly occupied, since there was not the match form sport KARATE at that time. The partner exercises often came from the combinations of the Katas.

The participation in matches and tournaments is released to each club member

- decides whether in the Kumite or in the Kata, everyone!


Okinawa Kobu DO
old traditional weapon fight

Alfred Steller 6. DAN, federal examiner and coach


As supplementing training we offer - weapon fight to OKINAWA KOBU DO .

This is an old match form with traditional weapons.

Traing weapon are > Bo, Tonfa, Sai

1. Friday in the month: University Duesseldorf, resounds to D

of 20:00 - 21:30 O'CLOCK in DUESSELDORF.

Kobudo is mostly derived the name for the weapon system originally developed on Okinawa (Kobudo means "old combat kind" or "weapon tradition Okinawas"), from the handling of different implements. The term Kobudo designates today on the one hand the okinawanischen weapon systems, which developed from agricultural devices, and on the other hand the Japanese weapon systems of the simple population.

(c) 2000 by Alfred Steller